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About Us

We're dedicated to the goal of safeguarding your business and staff. Let us be your partner in protecting what matters most to you and what you built!

Your Protection is Our Priority

As a Brinks authorized dealer, we have a Five Diamond Certified Alarm Response Center that provides reliable and uninterrupted security monitoring for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and medical emergencies. Our monitoring system consistently meets or exceeds all UL National Fire Protection Association, and Central Station Alarm Association standards.

Perimeter Protection

Hello, my name is Shaun Goodman, as the owner of Perimeter Protection, I personally oversee every project and make sure it is being installed to perfection, my company strives to make your experience nice and smooth. I myself have over 15 years personally in the field and being a business owner, husband, and father, I treat every install as it is being done in my own home, which means I expect the best and so should you. That's why I am dedicated to making sure my team is doing their best and making all your wishes come true. Thank you for accepting us into your business and home, we will always do right by you!

Perimeter Protection Security Solutions has a combined over 80 years of alarm industry experience, and we are very driven to keep your business and staff protected. We always go beyond the call of duty, we make sure that all your business areas are protected with the right equipment for you to feel safe and compliant.

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